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What is GMAT?

Get to Know In Depth the GMAT Exam

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is an internationally valid exam that qualifies the English and Math skills of people who want to study for a master’s or doctorate abroad.

Candidates, who want to enroll in a master’s or doctorate program in areas such as marketing, finance and business at any university abroad, must take the GMAT exam and get a valid score.

How to Take the GMAT Exam?

GMAT is Performed Through Computers.

GMAT exam is performed with the help of an application called “Computer-Adaptive Test (CAT)” and there is no paper-pencil usage. In other words, the candidate will answer all questions using this application in front of the computer.

This application, which called GMAT CAT, was put into practice in 1997. With this application, the candidate can determine the date he / she will take the exam. In short, you can take the exam whenever you want.

How Much is the GMAT Exam Fee?

GMAT Exam Fee is Stated As 250 USD

GMAT exam fee is determine as 250 USD in the United States. It is not possible to take the exam twice in the same month. If the candidate is not satisfied with the score obtained from the exam and does not want the score result to be recorded, he / she has the right to request an application for cancellation during the exam or right after the exam.

GMAT is prepared by the ETS (Educational Testing Service) in cooperation with the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). These two institutions are both public institutions.

What to Ask in the GMAT Exam?

Content, Organization, Language, Grammar

While examining your literary skills for the exam, three main factors are taken into consideration. These factors can be listed as follows:

Critical Reasoning: Your skills of analyzing, synthesizing the results and evaluating the situation are qualified by the questions asked through the paragraphs (related to business life) given to you.

Reading Comprehension: Your 5 skills are tested through the text given to you: Understanding the main idea, recognizing details, establishing relationships between other ideas, making conclusions and understanding the purpose of sentences.

Grammar: (Sentence Correction) 7 different questions are asked to evaluate that the text given to you is sufficient and comprehensive.

How Does the GMAT Scoring System Work?

690 score is Enough But Why Not 720 score?

The GMAT score range changes from 200 to 800. So the base score is 200, the top score is 800. However, the majority of the best universities in the world, which are considered as “Top List”, you must get a score of 690 or above in order to accept you to their universities.

The candidate gets a score ranging from 0 to 60 in the numerical section. Similarly, the candidate gets a score ranging from 0 to 60 in the verbal section. In both sections, the scores change according to the difficulty levels of the questions. In addition to these sections, the candidate gets a score ranging from 0 to 6 in the analytical literary evaluation section. In this section, the average of the scoring based on the evaluations made for your article is taken.

Finally, the candidate gets a score ranging from 0 to 6 in the graphic evaluation section.

How GMAT Exam is Formatted?

GMAT Exam Takes 200 Minutes In Total.

The GMAT exam consists of 3 basic parts: Verbal, Analytical Writing Assessment, and Quantitative. The duration of the exam is three and a half hours.

The verbal section consists of 75 minutes and the candidate is expected to answer 41 questions correctly. This section is divided into 3 sub-sections among themselves. These sub-sections also cover topics determined as Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Grammar. In this section, the English language skill of the candidate is qualified and the ability to reasoning in English is evaluated.

The Analytical Writing section is about 30 minutes and is based on qualifying the candidate’s writing skill. In this section, the candidate is given a subject and is expected to write a composition about it.

The numerical section consists of 75 minutes and the candidate is expected to answer 41 questions correctly. This section also consists of 2 sub-sections. These subsections cover Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving. In this section, the ability of candidates to solve mathematical and analytical problems is qualified.

Graphic Analysis section consists of 20 minutes. The ability to comment on the graphs given in this section is qualified.

What are the Procedures for the GMAT Exam?

Move Forward With Firm Steps

When answering questions on a computer, you cannot go back and make changes to that question or chapter after it has passed a question or chapter.

Candidates are allowed to use the watch provided they work silently. However, since the computerized test system will continuously display the remaining time on the computer screen, the candidate will not need it.

If you finish a section before the time allocated for that section, you can proceed to the next section by clicking the NEXT SECTION button on the screen and start solving the questions of that section.

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