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What Does IELTS® Stand For?

The International English Language Testing System is an international standardized test of English language 

proficiency for non-native English language Speakers.

Both the British Council and IDP IELTS Australia 

administrate and manage the IELTS® testing process in the world. This exam system was first introduced in 1980.

IELTS® is accepted by the commonwealth universities and various academic bodies. Thousands of companies around the world accept and recognize the IELTS® exam as a tool to evaluate staff’s linguistic performance in a daily English-like environment.

Here Are More Interesting Details About The Exam!

Duration Listening: 40 minutes (including 10-minute transfer time in paper-based test), Reading: 60 minutes, Writing: 60 minutes,

Speaking: 11–14 minutes.

Total time of the exam session: 2 hours, 55 minutes.

Score / grade range: 0 to 9, in 0.5 band increments.

Score / grade validity: 2 years

Exam schedule: (1) exam per week.

Countries / regions: More than 1,200 test centers in over 140 countries.

The annual number of test-takers: By 2017 it has Increase Over 3 million.

Prerequisites/eligibility criteria: No official prerequisite

Fee & Scheduling your exam: To find out the test fee in a local currency please visit either the British council page or IDP’s page to learn more details and to book for your exam.

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Now That You Know What IELTS® Is, It Is Time To Talk About Our Program A Bit!

Methodology & proficiency requirement.

My methodology is based on the 20:80 principle. That means that we use 20% of the course for the theoretical part and dedicate 80% to practice.

We have courses on a 1:1 basis online and F2F in our office in the heart of the Istanbul financial district (Levent).

The minimum level of proficiency needed is B2.

We adapt fast and easily to the student’s needs of other elements such as grammar and vocabulary to compensate for any deficiency in the study.

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