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What is Kam’s Training® value proposition for Business English

Through 7 years or more on working with white-collar trainees in Turkey in particular and more than that abroad, we have delivered our promise to our clients in helping them learning and mastering communication skills, particularly speaking, in a short time!

Our approach includes making a very unique and personalized plan! The biggest advantage for us in Turkish market is that we accurately understand the local student’s needs (such as what are the most common mistakes Turkish students fall in) and deliver them the global standards of learning.

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Methodology & Program

The methodology uses the 20:80 principle in implementing the theoretical part (Such as linking words, sentence structure, and vocabulary) in a short time, then using all remaining time in practicing till mastery level in the skills assigned in the plan is reached.

We highly depend on the candidate’s demands in our success; by responding accurately to them, we create successful and loyal clients!


Which sectors has Kam’s Training® worked with the most?

Since 2010, we have worked with different levels of corporate staff of entry-level, mid-range, and senior managers.

Our ideal clients have come from various sectors such as banking, insurance, IT, food& beverage, and pharma industry.

Staff in several departments such as marketing, sales, IT, and legal department have participated the most in our programs. 

I attribute such success in dealing with different levels, departments, and industries to the mere fact that as a business owner, I can share similar experiences with participants, which could coach or guide these participants to find the right words to say!

Merak ettikleriniz konular hakkında çekinmeden iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

How does the Business English program work with white-collar trainees?

The core of Cam’s program depends on value!We cherish our participants’ success every time we present knowledge.

It is a knowledge that is needed critically to improve a skill, to make a difference in career life, or to make a change in the way we look around us.Our focus is purely on seeing participants grow intellectually through the gain of knowledge.

To succeed in that, we have eliminated all formalities of learning in a conventional classroom and offered a friendly environment to facilitate learning acquisition. We look forward to working together soon!

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