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Corporate English Program
Corporate English Course

What do we offer?

Kam’s Training® offers two types of training to companies:

Group classes online to staff who want to achieve the following targets:

  • Who already know English but have no opportunity to practice it. We help staff brushing on their language and polish it through carefully crafted programs on demand.

The other target audience is individuals in different departments who require 1:1 training. We offer it in both environments i.e. virtual online, and physical in our office in Levent Istanbul the heart of the financial district in Turkey.

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What topics we offer?

We offer a range of topics in different sectors such as banking, finance, logistics, pharmaceutical, Textile, media, and more.

We also dedicate part of the course for the specific inquiries of our staff (1:1 courses only). In that part, we simulate work-related situations such as communication with foreign staff in writing or on phone, presentations, emails, and so forth.

All parts of the training are protected with confidentiality policy compatible with KVKK, and other Turkish regulations in this regard.

Corporate English Course
Corporate English Course

Who can benefit from this program?

• Groups of same department

• Groups of different departments

• Individuals

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How does the program work?

Our methodology

We depend on the 20:80 methodology in training, which means we present 20%, of course, the theoretical part and spend 80% of the remaining time coaching the trainees on the learning objectives desired. Practice makes perfection!

Corporate English Course

Our value proposition

Our Clients Improve Their Speaking Skills in A Short Time!

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Who to contact in the corporate?

• Human Resources Officer

• Training Officer

• Learning and Development Officer

• Manager or other decision maker

• Professional learner in charge of his own budget

For more information please contact.

Corporate English Course

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