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Critical Reasoning

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Critical Reasoning

Description of Critical Reasoning Part

In this part, the test taker will see almost 14 questions. Each question is in a form of a small paragraph that tells a story in relation to management, governance or business situation.

The test taker is requested then to identify the LOGICAL ERROR in this story and offered (5) options to pick ONE answer from.

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Critical Reasoning

What is the best approach to answer this CR questions?

Without a doubt, I would say Follow these (3) steps

1: Collecting data through reading and breaking down the argument (the question) into 3 categories: Facts, assumptions and conclusions.

2: Next, read the question, and find keywords that help you identify the type of questions asked.

3: Finally, make a prediction and check if you see it in the answer choices.


Critical Reasoning Tips

Identify Each Sentence

How to identify each sentence, and classify it as detail, assumption or conclusion?

Definitely we can depend on the semantic aspect of the statements. However, a combination of lexical and syntactical aspect will make the process move faster!

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Critical Reasoning Tips

Use your grammatical knowledge

Your grammatical knowledge will help you to understand the aim of each sentence. Conclusions for example usually come in conditional sentences.


Critical Reasoning Tips


Put your finger on the relations among the sentences in the argument!!

This allows you to simultaneously think on how to weaken the argument, strengthen it, or see whether the argument is missing an assumption and so forth.

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A Suggestion

Nothing better than adopting a strategy to create convenience at work.

Follow a certain number of steps each time you handle a question.

Critical Reasoning Tips 2

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