GMAT Course Details and Course Fee

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GMAT Kurs Fiyatları

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GMAT Course Details and

Course Fee

GMAT Kurs Fiyatları

GMAT® Preparation Course

We offer a complete (Verbal and AWA) training plan for your GMAT training and preparation.

Course Details:

  • Our trainings are given on a 1 to 1 basis.
  • Our course is offered in 2 different plans, 15 hours and 50 hours. Our 50 hour course plan can be completed in 5-6 months.
  • We can conduct your training face-to-face in our office in Levent or online with the zoom program.
  • Training is given 7 days a week. (You can choose the day and time that suits you.)
  • With the personalized training program we offer, we guide you on how many hours a week you should take.
  • We use original materials from GMAT®️.
  • We are registered with the GMAT Club®️ as an experienced GMAT training centre.
  • In addition to training, we offer a free service to help you write a SOP (Letter of Motivation).

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GMAT® Preparation Course Details and Course Fee

Differences of Premium Coaching Service

  • We offer happy, efficient and personalized lessons by instilling self-confidence through 1-on-1 training.
  • Thanks to the methods of coping with stress, we help you complete the training process perfectly.
  • By controlling your emotional state, we keep your concentration at the highest level and allow you to get maximum efficiency from the lessons.
  • In addition to all these, we are able to include issues related to professional business life in the training process.

Course Fee

  • The 15 hour course fee is 9,000.00 TL
  • The 50 hour course fee is 30,000.00 TL

*We assist our customers who choose the 50-hour course option with their payment plan.

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GMAT Kurs Fiyatları


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