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In this question, the test-taker needs to encompass all sides of the subject in a relatively short time which is 2 minutes. For that, both mastery in response, and accuracy in time management are necessary to ensure a smooth transition to the following part.

Besides that, part (2) is related to its following one in that they both share the same subject yet part (3) has a more in-depth question and it involves discussion as well.

Part (2) should be a one-way talk like a presentation.

Here is an example taken from Cambridge book (11):

”Describe a house that someone you know lives in. You should say: Whose house this is, where the house is. What it looks like inside, and explain what you like or dislike about the person’s house”.

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How To Solve It

My suggestion has been always based on dividing the answer on the time allowed to talk and see how much the trainee can manage.

I advise the student to answer the first (3) short question with accurate answers and save time to expand on the last question which is usually longer and requires more explanation.

We should not forget the special requirements to answer part (2) especially the introduction and the ending. Examiners usually expect the students to use them in their answers.

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My Recommendation

The best tip here is to measure the student’s capacity to give all answers in the given time. To achieve this, we encourage students to answer the fist (3) answers in the first 30-45 seconds and to answer the last question within 75-90 seconds.

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Possible Answer To The Question

Whose house this is, where the house is. What it looks like inside (30 seconds)

“I’ve decided to talk about my best friend’s condo that is located downtown Montreal near Chinatown. In all rooms and painted mainly with white to give a feeling of both comfort and space. His place is cozy, spacious, and furnished with modern art pieces. (44 words)

Explain what you like or dislike about the person’s house (90 seconds)*

What I loved about David’s apartment is the technology he has used in controlling heating, light through a system called smart house app.

That was the first time I could see such technology used in essential operations such as heating, lighting, managing security in a home. In my friend’s place, I saw how he could save his preferences for light and temperature for each room, even at different times of the day.

Honestly, I was mesmerized by the friendly-user system the apartment has. Everything was controllable from David’s smartphone. It looked like a futuristic house which we used to see in movies.

I was told also that this system saves him tons of money in savings on utility bills, especially in the wintertime.I could not imagine how technology would make our lives in our houses more comfortable than that. I loved this system so much that I have already decided to purchase one soon”! (155 words)

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