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Intention Letter

Universities measure whether the student can express himself in a consistent and logical flow from the letter of intent. This is the main focus of universities. When examining letters of intent, universities evaluate the student’s communication and writing skills in addition to the flow assessment. Universities attach great importance to the compliance of the letters of intent with the requested format while evaluating the letters of intent.

Most universities require a customized format and character limit in letters of intent. Letters of intent are prepared in accordance with the varying demands of universities. The letter of intent consists of the contents explaining what kind of a student you are, your competencies, your performance and effort in the classes when you are accepted.

During the application process, you will often encounter special conditions set by most universities. These terms generally cover maximum word use, format to be considered, and personal information required. It may also contain sections containing general questions. For example, questions about his abilities and the department he wants to apply can be directed to the student.

For all these reasons, complying with the formats requested by universities and paying attention to the subjects they evaluate contribute greatly to the positive outcome of the application process.

It is very important to produce an original letter because an ordinary letter of intent is a serious problem that arises in the academic application processes. At Kam’s Training, we help you create an unusual and original letter. Our coaching service helps you edit an existing letter of intent or create a completely new letter of intent.

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Recommendation Letter

The letter of recommendation is written by the student’s teachers. During the application process, letters of recommendation from at least two different teachers are expected. Each letter of recommendation should include specific information, such as the teacher’s relationship with the student outside of the classroom. Both academic and extracurricular achievements of the student should be highlighted in the letter of recommendation.

The student’s qualities such as the ability to manage time effectively, the capacity to communicate and think critically, the ability to organize and manage a team should also be mentioned.

The point to be considered in recommendation letters is that the arguments put forward by the applicant student in the letter of intent and the arguments put forward by the student’s teacher in the recommendation letter overlap with a pedagogical language.

Teachers should deliver the letter directly to the university you are applying to.

As Kam’s Training, we organize one-to-one meetings with the student before the letter of recommendation is prepared, and we plan how to meet with the guidance counselor and the teachers who will write the recommendation letter.

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Mentoring for Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are important for students wishing to apply to universities. In some cases, more than academic work is needed to prove a student’s interest in the major they wish to study.

The student may attend student organizations, private institutions, university summer schools, or any educational institution that offers such a course. Student must include these courses in all application materials such as letter of intent, out-of-school CV scholarship application and LinkedIn page.

For example, school may not be able to teach coding. However, students who want to join an academic department related to computers can take out-of-school training on coding to prove to the University that they are interested in this field. Some students may apply to Harvard Summer School, Yale Summer School, or University of Chicago Summer School for extracurricular education that suits their goals.

These activities will prove to the university that you are genuinely interested in this student’s study or program. We can analyze the value of each achievement together with the applicant and choose from which documents and perspectives we will promote it to ensure maximum effectiveness and impact on the university’s decision makers.

In our experience, decision makers at the University value success as much as they care about how the candidate struggles to achieve that goal. In this process, as Kam’s Training, we guide students on what is best for them.

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Preparing and Editing CV & LinkedIn Profile

In the decision-making phase, universities often try to verify all candidates’ information in different ways. Out-of-school CV and LinkedIn can be one of them.

Editing the out-of-school CV and LinkedIn account may not be necessary or required. Nevertheless, it will show the student as a suitable candidate for University with a consistent and well-organized ability, and these are two important skills that the student must possess.

Out-of-school CV is the space where you can showcase your academic achievements as well as the training and certificates you have received outside of the school curriculum. The student must have an academic resume showing their achievements and activities in chronological order throughout their academy journey. Attention should be paid to the vocabulary used in the CV and should be in harmony with the statements in articles such as letters of intent, letters of recommendation, and LinkedIn profile in order to make a good impression on the University’s decision maker.

It’s important for high school students to have a LinkedIn account and an out-of-school CV, as the university’s decision maker may want to learn more about the student’s abilities.

This is an excellent way to reach professors directly. For example, let’s say the student plans to attend the University of Chicago with a major in electrical engineering. Showcasing their skills and experience on LinkedIn is these professors’ chance to invite students to join their network to view their work.

We want to ensure that the university’s decision maker sees the student as a consistent student who provides complete information through all channels.

We rearrange the information chronologically or in order of importance in the most appropriate order, focusing on how well the student is doing in school and other activities.

We ensure that the links and their sources are well documented, that the information on the Linkedln page is up-to-date and written in an error-free manner. We match the available information from all your sources to be the same in all of them. We also evaluate the out-of-school CV format, visual appearance and content together.

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Academic Interview Preparation 

Interview is a stage that most of the universities apply. Interviews usually take between 20 and 40 minutes. It can be performed live from a digital platform or requested in a recorded video format.

In prestigious schools, the interview is an important part of the process because the student can highlight everything they mentioned in the letter of intent they prepared during the application process. The interviewer examines the student’s ability to express himself orally as he describes himself in writing in other documents. For this reason, it is very important for the candidate to be able to demonstrate the same level of language skills that he showed in the letter of intent in the interview.

The student should also work on oral language skills while preparing for the interview. An important part of the interview is for the candidate to express himself confidently, choosing examples and ideas that support his answer. Before the interview, we create a preparation program in which you can express yourself in the best way by practicing a lot.

We aim to highlight your strengths by aligning your interview preparation with your out-of-school CV (also valid for high school students) and LinkedIn (also valid for High School students). We also prepare you for the interview process by helping you improve your stress management, time management, critical thinking, leadership, communication skills and social skills.

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Scholarship Application

To apply for the scholarship, the student must prepare the papers that will guarantee his participation about his qualification to win the scholarship. These articles should also be prepared in accordance with the formats determined by the institutions to be applied. Four types of articles can be requested from the student himself.

These four articles should be about:

  • The student’s background, abilities and achievements,
  • Future plans after graduation
  • Past payment plan, current financial situation and why he/she needs the scholarship,
  • Contributions to the University or foundation that will grant him the scholarship.

The articles you write should be in line with those mentioned in the letter of intent and letter of recommendation. In addition, they can provide the grantor with concrete and specific evidence of their previous work and a strong vision of how they can contribute in the future.

Kam’s training helps the student create an efficient outline for organizing the flow of articles. The outline makes it easy to discuss all the details for the articles and then decide in what order the information should appear. We provide the student with a clear framework, helping them organize the information and the flow of events in the easiest way possible.

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