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IUAP Coaching

International University Application Preparation Course Prices

IUAP Coaching Details

This course aims to help high school students to properly prepare, write and submit the documents required during the entire application process for universities they wish to apply for abroad. The following services are provided under this package.

In order to achieve the best possible results, we decide on the most appropriate way to send the documents, which will be prepared by considering the criteria of each university, as requested by the universities, and start working in the areas you need. These areas are:

  • The process of preparing a letter of intent
  • Sharing information that may be needed for a letter of recommendation
  • In which areas out-of-school activities should be highlighted
  • Preparing Academic CV (Out of School CV) and editing LinkedIn profile
  • Academic interview preparation
  • Scholarship Application preparation

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IUAP Hazırlık Kursu Fiyatları

  • We can conduct your training face-to-face in our office in Levent or online with the zoom program.
  • Our trainings are given on a 1 to 1 basis.
  • Training is given 7 days a week. (You can choose the day and time that suits you.)
  • We focus on students’ needs to save time and effort and reach their dream goals in a short time.

The time and fees required to apply to only one University are as follows:

8-hour package fee: 6.600.00 TL.

(After 8 hours, each working hour will be 825.00 Turkish Liras.)

*We can offer you a special package for applying to two or more Universities. For more detailed information about the payment plan and discounts, you can contact us and visit us at our office by making an appointment.

Contact now for detailed information.

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