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Sentence Correction Tips

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What is Sentence Correction?

What is the format of sentence correction?

The usual format of sentence correction is a group of complex sentences that talk about one or more subjects. In this regard, the test taker’s mission is to break the sentence down to its basic elements and examine several items that are tested such as the relation among sentences, the correctness of the syntax, the concordia between elements in a single sentence.

The optimal time to solve a question is 60 seconds including reading the question, finding the error, making a decision, examining the answer choices and finalizing by verification.

If you have specific questions, ask us!

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How Do We Correct Sentences?

Choose A Strategy

The best approach to break the sentence correction question is to follow a methodology based on a systematic and accurate search for specific signs that will lead you to decide whether the sentence is correct or not.

Kam’s Training® strongly suggests having a solid understanding of syntax and grammar at the same time to be able to see both the big picture (using syntax) and the small details (using grammar).


Sentence Correction – Methodology

Step 1

At our training, we will dive into the sentence from a syntactical standpoint. By that I mean, we will get to identify the sentence type and pattern from which we will examine several points that GMAT tests such as agreement, tenses, and voice and so on.

But not only that, we will be able to evaluate the sentence and decide quickly if it is aligned with the GMAT tested standards specifically being concise and idiomatic.

The devil is in the details!!

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Sentence Correction – Methodology

Step 2

Now what? You have broken the sentence into parts, you have identified the relations, you have examined the grammar; I guess you have found something in your hands! Congrats!! At this point, you need to match what you have found and what GMAT test examines.

There are about (7) errors that GMAT tests among which are agreement, pronoun, tense, dangling modifier and so forth. Mastering the knowledge these grammatical topics will not only hasten the decision-making process but will give the pleasure of enlightenment!!

Being able to identify the error easily will reduce time consumed, even it helps to reduce the elimination process of answer choices, the step which will follow.


Sentence Correction – Methodology

Step 3

Now it is time to pick an answer!

Usually what usually happens is that test-takers use the elimination process successfully, but some still get stuck between two options. If you are one of those, then my course is exactly tailored for you!

By applying the syntax and grammar analysis on the sentence, there will still be some tricky areas that need further scrutiny. In our course, we will cover this part by complementing your knowledge and integrating the missing parts into it.

From our experience, we can safely say that digging deeper into specific grammatical subjects that are tested in GMAT will do the job for you!

Merak ettikleriniz konular hakkında çekinmeden iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

Sentence Correction – Recommendation

Organize Your Knowledge

What we recommend and will do once we work together is that we will explore your existing knowledge, organize your information and group them into two: One in relation to syntax, and another concerning grammar.

Besides, test-takers should possess a solid knowledge about the errors types tested in the exam and identify them in different sentence patterns.

Tips about how to reduce the answer options successfully should be considered as well. This will help reducing stress and boost test-takers’ confidence in the sentence correction section.

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