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Toefl Speaking

TOEFL – Independent Question

Basic Logic

As of March 2020, TOEFL has reduced the number of question in this category to be one question.

So this is the first question you will be seeing in the real exam. It is about a personal experience you have or a word you say on a certain topic mainly social, scholastic, or career-related one.

You will be given 15 seconds to think (I think it is a joke), and 45 seconds to speak.

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TOEFL What to expect?

What does TOEFL expect from you?

Expect to see a question asking for one of the following:

  • Opinion on a work-related subject
  • School-related subject
  • An evaluation of a case
  • Social trend, preference or choice.

TOEFL exam is expecting the test-takers to demonstrate in a very short time a number of skills related to (4) areas:

The test-take’s fluency, clarity, accuracy, vocabulary capacity and grammatical accuracy. What does that all mean to you?Simply! You need to stay focused only on what is needed to answer and leave any other extra behind your back! You need to display that you know how to say ideas in different ways (this is called paraphrasing), you are required to display your grammatical knowledge (use different tenses, voices, structures).

An experienced trainer knows all these details and can help by saving the test-taker’s time by reducing the training time, thus arriving to the required results in a short time and save the trouble which can discourage the student from continuing his work!

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Merak ettikleriniz konular hakkında çekinmeden iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

Toefl Speaking
Toefl Speaking

TOEFL Speaking How to answer such type of questions?

Every trainer will try to suggest his own way of answering, but for me I will try to stick to the rubrics TOEFL provide and with that I believe we can simplify the process and cover it form all angels.

Why don’t you consider having a limited number of answers? I personally suggest;

  • (2) for the introduction
  • (3) for one idea with its supporting evidence ( or reason maybe if it is an opinion question)
  • (2) for the second idea.

See Its Application in a Sample Question

Merak ettikleriniz konular hakkında çekinmeden iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

TOEFL Speaking What to consider while answering? The Rubrics!

Skills Expected from You and Kam’s Training Information

TOEFL is an exam like other exams which test main skills in a language, you probably have heard about these rubrics, but let us make things clear:

Your fluency

It is important for test takes to not only understand but RECOGNIZE through practice how fluency is achieved! A good trainer will be able to explain this clearly, set and simply the tasks for trainee, then measure it with high accuracy which usually students can’t achieve, and finally give feedback which most students crave for!!

Your Vocabulary

Try to show a wide range of vocabulary, what does that mean? Show words, phrasal verbs, use expressions!! Don’t stick to one type only, don’t stay restricted in one category.


What we said about vocabulary could be applied on grammar too! Use more than one way to show the same idea, again …. An experienced trainer will show plenty of example and will definitely work relentlessly to see that your speech contains elements of success.


You need to stay focused only what is needed to say. Many test takers try to expand or extend their speech by elaborations which can lead them off track!!  Using a systematic way if processing the questions will definitely help by ensuring you speak the enough amount of words, in the exact amount of time for each question.

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Merak ettikleriniz konular hakkında çekinmeden iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

Merak ettikleriniz konular hakkında çekinmeden iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

TOEFL Speaking – LET’S train together through an example!

“Do you think it is better to study in your country or abroad?’ Give reasons and examples.”

Suggested Answer

(Design an Intro Phrase That Shows You Understand the Two-Piece Question)

“Pursuing academic studies has always been a critical decision to improve one’s career(1. Part), so whether studying at home or abroad can be hard to decide unless the student has a clear plan and target.(2. Part)”

(1. Idea)

“If a student, for example, would like to improve his foreign language and build new networks(3. Part), then it is attempting to think of studying abroad(4. Part) because such an option achieves such a goal.(5. Part)”

(2. Idea)

“However, if the student plans to reduce expenses and wants to maintain his circle of friends at home(6. Part) then it is obvious that studying at home is a better option.(7. Part)”

Admittedly, it is difficult for the participant to respond best under this pressure. However, the strategy you set and knowing what you are asked will help you overcome this challenge.

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