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TOEFL – Independent Question

As of March 2020, TOEFL has reduced the number of questions in this category to be one question in this category.

This question comes first in the actual exam. It is an evaluation of a personal experience you had in the past or an opinion on any of various topics in social, school-related, or career-related domains.

For this question, you have 15 seconds to prepare, and 45 seconds to speak.

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TOEFL What to expect?

What does TOEFL expect from you?

What does TOEFL expect from you? TOEFL examiners expect the participants to demonstrate several skills related to these (4) areas just in 45 seconds!

The examinees’ fluency, clarity, accuracy, vocabulary capacity, and grammatical correctness are all tested in the exam.

What that means to you simply is you need to stay focused only on what is requested to answer and avoid redundancy!

TOEFL participants need to display knowledge on how to say ideas in different ways (or paraphrasing) and show their grammatical knowledge (using different tenses, voices, structures accurately).

An experienced trainer is aware of all these requirements and can help students by increasing their efficiency in all these fields.

Reaching the targeted score in a short time and motivating our students to complete the work is our priority!

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TOEFL Speaking: How To Answer Such Type Of Questions?

Each trainer will strive to suggest a way to answer, but for me, sticking to TOEFL rubrics will provide a great sense of command.

By that, we can simplify and cover the process from all aspects!

Why don’t you consider having a limited number of sentences to create a feeling of command of time management?

I suggest 8 sentences on average to cover this question in 60 seconds.

(1) sentence as the introduction

(3) sentences for the first idea with its supporting evidence or reason.

(3) for the second idea with its supporting evidence or reason.

(1) sentence as a conclusion.

See Its Application in a Sample Question

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TOEFL Speaking What to consider while answering? The Rubrics!

TOEFL is an exam like others that tests the examinees’ linguistic skills.

You probably have heard about the TOEFL rubrics, but let us walk through them again!

Your Fluency

The examinees need to identify and measure their fluency level during training to improve and stay motivated.

A qualified trainer can explain this strategy clearly, set the goals and simplifies tasks to the trainee.

A skilled coach will also measure performance and students’ accuracy to cover the requirements that a student cannot achieve without assistance and support, and finally will give feedback for which most students crave!

Your Vocabulary

The TOEFL applicant will strive to demonstrate a wide range of vocabulary, but what does that mean?

Presentation of unique words, phrasal verbs, usage of expressions!

We do not recommend students to stick to one type only! Make your speech colorful!


What is recommended about vocabulary applies to grammar too!

A trainer in command can find the trainees’ mistakes and suggest alternative answers to learn especially those with a better or wider range of grammatical structures.

The course covers the students’ grammatical insufficiencies!


Delivering the answer accurately and avoiding any redundancy is a virtue!

Without training, many examinees could elaborate in a way that can lead them to go off track!

Using a systematic way of processing the questions will help TOEFL students ensure that they speak succinctly in a great line of logic using the correct linkers!

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Merak ettikleriniz konular hakkında çekinmeden iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

Merak ettikleriniz konular hakkında çekinmeden iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

TOEFL Speaking – Let’s Train Together Through An Example!

“Do you think it is better to study in your country or abroad? “Give reasons and examples.”

Suggested Answer

(Design an Intro Phrase That Shows You Understand the Two-Piece Question)

Introduction part.

“Pursuing academic studies has always been a critical decision to improve one’s career(sentence.1), so whether studying at home or abroad can be hard to decide unless students have clear plans and targets. (sentence.2)”

(Idea.1 with support)

“If a student, for example, would like to improve his foreign language and build a new network(sentence.3), then it is tempting to think of studying abroad(sentence.4) because such a decision achieves all the above-mentioned (sentence.5)”.

(Idea.2 with support)

“However, if the student plans to reduce expenses and wants to maintain his circle of friends at home(sentence.6) then it is obvious that studying at home is a much better option. (sentence.7)”

Conclusion part

“In short, both plans can be right if they lead to the targets and intentions the students put for themselves (Sentence.8)”.

Admittedly, it is difficult for the participant to respond best under this pressure. However, setting a strategy and being aware of the exam requirements will overcome this challenge!


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