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TOEFL Writing Question

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What Do You Know About The TOEFL Writing Task?

Because of the dilemma of being an easy and a difficult task, the writing section is considered one of the toughest areas test takers get into, but how is that?

Before answering this question, have a look at the structure of the writing part of the exam!

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TOEFL Academic Writing Section

TOEFL Academic Writing section (20 min) and word count is 150-220 words.

The Academic Writing Part

In this part, the TOEFL test taker is requested to read a passage about an academic theme, such as education, geology, business, economy, and so forth.

Second, the test taker will listen to a speech from a professor about the same topic mentioned in the reading part.

The test taker needs to summarize the reading and take notes related to the speaker’s attitude toward the written passage.

In this regard, the student should collect ONLY the relevant information and discard unnecessary ones in both the written passage and the professor’s speech.

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Writing Section (2)

TOEFL Argumentative or descriptive (40 min), and minimum word count is 300 words.

  • In this section, the question requests the test taker to demonstrate his ability in creating a strong line of logic about a specific subject given to him. It usually tackles social or daily life topics such as ones on health or a social habit.

  • The question usually asks your opinion and evaluation of the subject discussed.

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What Is Tested In The Exam?

In both tasks (1) and (2), there are some general requirements to pass with a decent score.

  • Task Achievement (TA): This part tests the ability to answer accurately and completely all parts of the question.

  • Grammar (GRM): The test taker needs to show a wide range of grammatical structures accurately and frequently.

  • Vocabulary (VC): Be able to show an accurate and wide range of vocabulary including expressions and phrasal verbs.

  • Structure and Coherence: The test taker needs to show a smooth line of logic or argument in task (2) and several relationships among the ideas in Task (1).

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Success Tips

  • Avoid missing or adding any piece of information that is not requested.

  • Maintain suitable word count : I suggest 220 for task (1) and 400 words for task (2)

  • Clarity and smoothness in moving from idea to another is a key factor for your success

  • Constant improvement on grammatical expression and range.

  • Constant improvement on word accuracy, and diversity of expressions including phrasal verbs, idioms and collocations for example.

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